Foothills Oompah Band Drum

The Foothills Oompah Band

"Proast" "Cheers" "Gsuffa" down it
"Gemutichkeit"-friendlines & enjoyment
zickie zackie, zickie zackie, oi! oi! oi!
"Beer Barrel Polka" high energy oom pa, oom pa, oom pa
Tap your toes, clap your hands, sing & shout
"The Happy Wonderer" March & sing
Valderi, Valera, Valeri, Valdera, ha, ha, ha, ha
"In Munchen stegt ein HofbrauHaus" -
eins(one), zwei (two), g'suffa
A pulsating waltz beat where you sway
"shunkeling" arms joined together
"The Chicken Dance" - beaks, wings & feathers & partners swing
"Edelweiss", "Du Du Leight, Mir in Herzen"
"Those were the days"
"Im Himmel da gibst kein Bier" - In Heaven there is no bier (want to bet)
"Too Fat Polka" - I don't want her - she's too fat for me