About Us

Now in our 23rd continuous year of performing!

Matthew Hanna, clarinetist and vocalist, co-owner and web master has been with the band since 2006. He is classically trained, performs free-lance and is former principal clarinetist with the Brevard Philharmonic Orchestra. As both an IT manager and owner of Harmony Creek Studio, it is natural that he handles the sound and is the band’s web master. His rendition of Clarinet Polka is always a crowd favorite.

John Hoppe, trumpeter and vocalist, co-owner and musical director joined the band in 2007. He holds a Music Degree in Trumpet Performance and his versatility extends from classical to pop to folk to jazz. He plays and teaches freelance and leads his own musical entities including the standards trio Scotch & Soda with a Twist and the “whatever you need” combo All Purpose Grind. Being a former radio announcer at WFBC, WESC, and WMUU, he feels comfortable being the band’s emcee.

Abe Marsh, tuba player, is in his 5th year in the band. He not only puts the "oomp" in our oompah band sound, but is a crowd pleaser performing his solos such as Happy Li'l Oompah. This season he has an additional feature: Abe's Song. Abe helps Matt with the sound and has graced our book with some of his arrangements. He plays tuba with us and plays upright and electric bass for groups varied enough to range from classical to jazz to rock to grunge. Abe's the band director at Greenville Tech Charter High School and as such has been named 2018 Teacher of the Year. (Well done, Abe!).

Carl Scull, drums, is in his 4th year with the band, beginning as our Founder Kemp Williams's substitute drummer, then splitting the drum chair with Kemp for 2 years. This season he is our primary "drummist" with some assistance from Chris Earle (more about him later). Carl is a mainstay of The Senior Band and is active in theatrical productions. An interesting application of his dramatic talents is posing for medical students as a sick patient. Thus, if you look behind his drumset and Carl looks a little peaked, he's probably ok...just method acting, getting into character.

Judd Terrell, is in his 2nd year with us. His musical background - like many of us in the band - includes a music degree and he has played and toured extensively including with The O'Kaysions ( remember "I'm a Girl Watcher"?) and with his own beach music group The Royal Scotsman Band...be sure to check out their Facebook page. Already, Judd has contributed some popular arrangements to our repertoire.

This is Chris's 1st year with the band, helping Carl cover our drum commitments for this busy season. He is a regular versatile freelance performer including musical theatre shows in the southeast. In this role he is Orchestra Manager for The Glow Lyric Theatre. An educator and composer, he is the founder and principle instructor of TapTap Percussion Studios, works as an adjunct faculty member for several school districts in the area, and is a member of the Vic Firth and Zildjian Education Teams.

In 1996 at age 73 Kemp founded the Foothills Oompah Band and he booked and led the band until 2015 when Matt and I took over. For the past 22 years and one gig in this 23rd consecutive year Kemp has been our drummer, enthusiastic vocalist, storyteller, and official beer taster...in essence, the heart and soul of the band which he started. Recently Kemp moved away from our Greenville-Spartanburg home base, so logistics led him to semi-retire from the band. He has been duly named our Drummer Emeritus and we expect that Kemper will sit in on drums and on mic at some of his favorite venues this season, pleasing the crowd...and his band...as only Kemp can do.

Rheinland Resturant Oktoberfest / Charlotte, NC
Berliner Kendle Resturant Oktoberfest Blackmountain, NC
Waldhorne Resturant Oktoberfest, Pineville, NC
Julia's German Stammtish, Columbia, SC

Spartanburg International Festival
BMW Manufacturing Company
Spartanburg Spring Fling
Grausch Corporation, Hickory NC
Hickory, NC Oktoberfest
Beverage Air Corporation
Hickory, NC International Fest
The Piedmont Club of Spartanburg
Myrtle Beach Oktoberfest, Helen, GA
The Commerce Club of Greenville
Newberry SC Oktoberfest
The Cliffs of Glassy Country Club
Greer SC, Oktoberfest
The Cliffs Valley Country Club
German American C of C of SC Bierfest
The Cliffs at Walnut Creek
UNC Asheville Oktoberfest
The Country Club of Spartanburg
Fall for Greenville
Carolina Country Club of Spartanburg
Artisphere, Greenville
Holly Tree Country Club
Fayetteville, NC Oktoberfest
Mountain Air Country Club, Burnsville NC
The Music Foundation of Spartanburg
Carmel Country Club , Charlotte NC
Oktoberfest Music
The Poinsett Club, Greenville
Chattanooga, TN Oktoberfest